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A series of Promotion 747live are waiting for you, just play and winning prizes

At 747live, we always bring attractive and diverse promotion programs, helping players have more opportunities to receive gifts and enjoy their favorite games. With special promotion 747live this month, you will receive valuable rewards just by participating in gaming. From first deposit bonuses to monthly prizes, we are committed to bringing you the most attractive rewards.

Promotion 747live wide open, the more you play, the easier to win

747live is a renowned online casino platform, loved for its attractive promotions and big winning opportunities. With many years of operation in the Philippines, 747live has built a solid reputation, transparent in financial management.

Attractive promotion programs

At 747live, promotions are always abundant and diverse, providing many opportunities for players. Whether you’re a newcomer or a long-time player, there are always promotions suitable for you. The first deposit bonus offers a 50% bonus for new accounts, helping you start your game smoothly.

The games here are designed to be easy to play, easy to win, and completely unbiased in results. This allows you to relax and enjoy every moment of entertainment.

Utilizing Promotion 747live will give you more chances to test your luck
Utilizing Promotion 747live will give you more chances to test your luck

Trustworthiness and transparency

747 live has become famous in the Philippines thanks to its transparency and trustworthiness in financial management. We are committed to providing players with the safest and fairest environment. Every game result is closely monitored, free from interference, ensuring that all players have equal winning opportunities.

First deposit bonus to get 50% extra on your deposit

Are you new to 747live and eager to start playing games smoothly? The first deposit bonus offering 50% extra on your deposit is the perfect opportunity for you. This program helps you have additional funds to experience your favorite games and increase your chances of winning big right from the first steps.

Promotion details

When you make your first deposit into your 747live account, you will receive an additional 50% of the deposit amount. This means that if you deposit 1,000 PHP, you will receive a total of 1,500 PHP to start playing games. This is an extremely attractive offer, allowing you to explore various games without worrying about costs.

Terms and conditions

This promotion applies only to new accounts registered on 747live. This means that if you have never had an account here, you are eligible to receive the offer. The special thing about this promotion is that you can use the bonus amount on any game on 747live. Whether you love slots, poker, or any other game, the bonus amount can be used flexibly.

New players will always receive a first deposit welcome bonus
New players will always receive a first deposit welcome bonus

How to claim the promotion

To receive the first deposit bonus offering 50% extra on your deposit, simply follow these simple steps:

Visit the website and register a new account. Fill in your personal information as required and complete the registration process.

After successfully registering, log in to your account. On the homepage, select “Deposit” and deposit the amount you want. Remember, the more you deposit, the more bonus money you will receive with this Promotion 747live.

After depositing money, the system will automatically add 50% of the deposit amount to your account. You don’t need to do anything else, just check your balance and start playing games.

Promotion 747live for May ( this month)

This May, 747live brings you exciting promotions with big prizes and luxurious items. This is a great opportunity for you to receive valuable gifts while enjoying fun games.

Exciting May prizes

In May, 747live is hosting a promotion with prizes up to ₱44,747 PHP along with luxurious items. Simply participate in the games on the promotion list to have a chance to become the top player of the month and win big prizes. This is an opportunity not to be missed for you to play games and have the chance to receive valuable rewards.

This 747live promotion is only applicable for May
This 747live promotion is only applicable for May

Promotion 747live game list

To participate and have the chance to win prizes, simply play the games listed below:

  • Cash or Crash
  • Gonzo’s Treasure Map
  • Crazy Time
  • Lightning Lotto
  • Dead or Alive: Saloon
  • Mega Ball
  • Deal or No Deal
  • Dream Catcher
  • Evo PowerBall
  • Monopoly Big Baller
  • Funky Time
  • Monopoly Live

Playing any game on this list gives you the chance to win big prizes from 747live’s May promotion.

Prize tiering

The prizes of this Promotion 747live are allocated across different ranks, from Rank 1 to Rank 30. Below are the details of the prize tiers:

  • Rank 1: ₱44,747 PHP + Rimowa Bag + Pack of Merchandise
  • Rank 2: ₱34,747 PHP + Pack of Merchandise
  • Rank 3: ₱24,747 PHP + Pack of Merchandise
  • Rank 4: ₱20,747 PHP + Pack of Merchandise
  • Rank 5: ₱14,747 PHP + Pack of Merchandise
  • Ranks 6-10: ₱10,747 PHP each prize + Pack of Merchandise
  • Ranks 11-20: ₱7,474 PHP each prize + Pack of Merchandise
  • Ranks 21-30: ₱4,747 PHP each prize + Pack of Merchandise

Each prize tier offers attractive and valuable gifts. Just play the games and achieve good results, and the chance to win big prizes will be within reach.

Promotion 747live with free spins for all players

If you love slot games and want more chances to win prizes, this is the promotion for you. Here’s how to participate and receive free spins.

Wager to receive free spin vouchers

Participation Conditions: To receive a voucher for 10 free spins on 101 Candies, simply wager at least ₱7,747 PHP on Evolution games. This is a great opportunity for you to play your favorite games and get additional free spins to increase your chances of winning. Once you meet the wagering requirements, the voucher will be automatically sent to your account.

Spin gifts for all

Chance to receive spin gifts: When you wager on eligible games, you have the chance to receive Spin Gifts. This means that whenever you play, you may be gifted with free spins.

Activating spin gifts: Note that only regular spins can activate Spin Gifts. This ensures that all players have an equal chance to receive rewards.

Wager limits for spin gifts: The wager limits for Spin Gifts depend on your initial wager amount. This means that the more you wager, the higher your chances of receiving larger spins.

Spin gifts for specific games: Spin Gifts can only be used in the game where they were activated. For example, if you receive Spin Gifts while playing 101 Candies, you can only use those spins in the 101 Candies game.

Play slot games and you will receive surprise bonus spins
Play slot games and you will receive surprise bonus spins

Spin gifts regulations

Daily winning opportunities: You have the chance to win over 100 rounds per day. This creates many opportunities for you to increase your account balance.

Spin gifts expiry: Spin Gifts expire within 10 days. Make sure to use them before they expire to avoid missing out on opportunities.

Winnings: Winnings from Spin Gifts will be automatically added to your account balance. This makes it easy for you to track and use your winnings conveniently.

Evolution’s Rights: Evolution reserves the right to change, suspend, or cancel the promotion at any time. This adds an element of surprise and excitement, keeping the promotion fresh and appealing.

Note to successfully receive promotion 747live gifts

To enjoy the attractive promotion 747live, you need to adhere to some important terms and conditions. Here are the necessary notes for you to smoothly receive promotions and avoid unnecessary troubles.

Each person is allowed only one unique account

One of the most important conditions when participating in promotions at 747live is that each player is only allowed to create one unique account. Creating multiple accounts to receive promotions is a serious violation of our regulations.

747live’s system has advanced algorithms to detect this behavior. If detected, all related accounts will be immediately locked, and you will lose promotional benefits.

Do not share accounts with others

Sharing accounts with others not only causes trouble but also violates the policies of 747live. Each account is unique and protected by your own personal information. If an account is found to be shared, we reserve the right to lock the account without prior notice.

You must adhere to the terms and conditions to receive the promotion
You must adhere to the terms and conditions to receive the promotion

Do not disclose usernames or passwords, do not buy or sell accounts

Securing login information is crucial to protect your account. Never disclose your username or password to others, and refrain from engaging in buying or selling account activities.

These behaviors not only compromise the security of the account but can also lead to the account being locked.

If you violate the above terms or engage in similar behaviors, your account will be locked without prior notice. 747live uses advanced algorithms to detect any signs of violation. Be a genuine player, and victory will come to you.


Hurry up and join the Promotion 747live to seize the opportunity to receive attractive rewards. We are always ready to bring you wonderful experiences and special offers. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the 747live hotline for assistance. Join today and become the luckiest player!


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